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Fertile Lands

One of my best friends and fellow volcano enthusiasts texted me a video of the recent volcano eruption at Fagradalsfjall near Reykjavik, Iceland. Needless to say, I was mesmerized.

After a flurry of recent earthquakes and a mere 800 years of lying dormant, Fagradaslfjall began spewing molten lava over the green terrain.

Check out the incredible drone footage one talented photographer captured here.

After I watched ALL of the videos and the awe calmed down a bit, I felt this moment of deep recognition that both excited and brought peace to me at the same time. It is so easy to set ourselves apart from the natural world but we are not apart from it. We are it, and, if you look closely enough, our lives are a reflection of it.

We often picture the Earth as this unwavering object. We expect the ground we stand on to be there forever, and the rivers to always flow and the mountains to always stand. In our lifetimes, this will largely be true.

However, isn't it incredible to see that the Earth, just like us, is constantly regenerating itself? Sometimes growth and change can be painful and even violent when we hold it in or hide from it long enough. Sometimes it bursts through like magma being pushed to the surface. Sometimes it burns and scars, but it always creates new, fertile land for life to take place upon.

It took Fagradaslfjall 800 years to come roaring back to wakefulness but it was never dead. It was never dead just like the embers within you that are smoldering with desire to create new emotional and intellectual territory for yourself. We may not have 800 years, but I always appreciate a good reminder that genuine growth and change takes time. It takes time to process our environments, to absorb a variety of internal and external pressures, and to simmer in our own creations. The time will come, though, when you can burst open wide and flowing to create fertile new lands for yourself.

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