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Lost & Found

With Spring finally hitting the scene and the one-year anniversary of COVID realities sinking in, I am noticing this urge to bound forward, but cautiously. With each step, I am trying to reflect on what exactly just happened.

A lot of people got sick and even more people got hurt. Through loss of life, loss of job or home, loss of a sense of normalcy, so much was lost.

I am trying to ask myself now, what was found?

There were long days, long months of holding our breath waiting for the next tragic thing to happen, wondering how to make something, anything better. Here we are, though, and what I have found, or perhaps, remembered, is hope.

I've started to feel a bit of warmth on my cheeks, a little life in my toes, and more ease with finding deep, replenishing breaths. There is big hope coming in with this Spring air and I hope you feel it, too.

If you do, I hope you will join me in honoring the universal grief we're experiencing by taking those deep breaths. I hope you will step outside in your bare feet and squish the soil between your toes. I hope you will take a seat by a tree and watch the buds turn into flowers.

I hope that you hope.

I can attest to the notion that hoping can be dangerous. It can lead to high expectations and dissatisfaction when the results aren't what we had hoped for. This can make hope scary. What I have learned, though, is that a little bit of hope can turn us away from the shadows and toward the sun. We can hope without being attached too closely to the end result because hoping means that we have the spark and motivation to begin creating and moving toward the experiences we truly want.

With the hope that I have found, I am also finding vitality, a distinguishing factor between the living and the nonliving, that gives me the courage and energy to step into a place that truly feels right.

I think we are all capable of finding and harnessing this energy but many of us are feeling much more injured than maybe ever before. Maybe you need or want a little bit of guidance to jumpstart this next phase of your life and to find meaning and direction among the confusion and grief. If so, allow yourself to be curious about it and maybe we can find what was lost so that we can rekindle your vitality together.

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