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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Welcome to The Forest Blog! Caitlin Murphy Vitality Coaching is new to the scene, officially, but has been simmering and evolving for years.

I am thrilled to be here and to start connecting with people from all walks of life. If you are curious about who I am and what kind of team we would make, please read on.

Working with folks who feel uninspired, stuck, or curious about what is possible is what I love to do. Being someone who has very much created my own path along the way using a spoonful of creativity, a dollop of resourcefulness, a big pinch of luck, a dash of intuition, and a big acknowledgement of the privileges bestowed upon me, I am here to applaud you on your courageous act of following your heart.

It is not easy, and it very often is not understood. The very act of writing this post feels like a rebellion from the expectation and stability staring me down in the corner behind me. But, do you know what conquers that fear?

...The joy of experiencing a very visceral and natural energy that comes with doing what my heart is rooting for. There are certain skills and perspectives that come naturally to me and that I have developed throughout my life that have lead me here, to you. I want more people to open themselves to this, to whatever is driving them in life even if it is buried deep down.

Let's remember that thing, let's fall into rhythm with our natural cycles of rebirth and death within our own lives and among the Forest.

I look forward to being a part of your path toward fulfillment, confidence, and wisdom.

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